How LDA Works

How To Use the Life Defender Alert App

With the Life Defender Alert App, you can make sure that your loved ones are safe. We’ll show you how to set up the app on your device, add family members to your account, and maximize the features of the app below.

Setting Up the App

Setting up Life Defender Alert is easy. Here’s how to do it:


Download and install the Life Defender Alert app by searching for it on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. You’ll receive a notification that the app would like to send you notifications, once it’s downloaded on your device, and you can click “Allow.” Follow the prompts on the screen to grant access to your phone if you wish to continue.


Primary account holders will be assigned a unique invitation code which can be accessed on the app’s profile icon. Send this exclusive invitation code to household members whom you want to add under your family account.


To add family members, have them download the app on their devices, following the same procedure in Step 1. Then, have them include your unique invitation code in the sign-up process to sync them into your family account. Repeat the process to add more members.

LDA Step-By-Step User Guide

Maximizing the Features

Various features are available on the app, which can all be accessed and optimized from the downloaded mobile app on your device. These features are designed with optimum safety in mind that can save lives when used regularly and correctly.

Fire Drills

Scheduling a fire drill is easy with this app – click the Fire Drill icon on your home screen, and select the ‘schedule’ tab. After selecting a date and time for your fire drill, you can type in a note to remind your family of something important. A convenient map will also designate where family members should meet during the said drill. Upon scheduling the drill, everyone in your household will receive a notification when the drill takes place-which the means to evacuate. Additionally, you can check attendance status within the Fire Drill icon via the history feature for complete assurance that all family members were present.

Family Meeting Points

To create a meeting point, click the icon on the home screen and click the schedule tab. Then click the plus sign to select a date and time for your meeting point. You can also type a note to remind your family members of something.  A map will display, and you can select your design meeting point.  After you’ve submitted your request, all members will receive a notification about the scheduled event.  When it’s time for the event, all members will receive an alarm notification prompting them of the event.

After the drill, check family attendance by selecting the history feature within the Family Meeting Point icon to ensure everyone was there.


The HELP icon on our app leads to direct access to the police, fire department, and EMS. On the home screen, the user simply needs to click the HELP icon, and select the department they wish to get in touch with and help will be on the way as soon as possible.

Smoke Detector Checks and Windows Check

The Life Defender Alert smoke detector feature is essential for every home in America. Statistics have proven that having smoke detectors in the home, as well as ensuring that they are functioning properly, significantly reduces the number of fatalities in house fires. Unfortunately, these statistics still remain high due to many people neglecting to maintain regular inspections. Life Defender Alert app helps to solve this by allowing users to schedule monthly inspections to ensure that their smoke detector are working properly.

Instant Notifications

LDA Instant Notification option allows children to send a message directly to their parent’s phone should danger arise, such as kidnapping or other emergencies. By clicking on the Instant Notification icon, your child can send an emergency message—and if they cannot type, a voice record option is available for a talk-to-text functionality.  Once receive, parents can click the notification tab at the bottom of the home screen. They are then granted access to a map that shows the vicinity where the message was sent from.

Informational Safety Tips

We know you want to do everything you can to keep your family safe, and we want to help. That’s why we’ve put together helpful videos on how to deal with house fires and school shootings. They’re child friendly and will help families feel more confident in the event of an emergency. Click on the home screen’s House Fire Safety Tips or School Shooting Safety Tips tab.

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