About Us

We're challenging the status quo

Cultivating a space where threats are thwarted, parental worries are eased, and the safety of children is paramount. We’re on a mission to use the digital age for the greater good. Through an easy-to-navigate app, children, and their parents will have one-click access to the resources they didn’t know they needed – until now.

Founded by Dr. Jessica Respus, a school owner, LDA was formed to spearhead a new era of safety provisions

From fire drill templates and evacuation plans to monthly digital alarms, we are bringing invaluable tools to homes across the nation. Built for young minds, our all-in-one app takes children’s security further, preparing them for emergencies, giving families optimal peace of mind, and putting disruption-free communication front-and-center.

At our core, we believe that we all need to step up to safeguard tomorrow’s children.

A record of 34 school shootings occurred last year, with 116,600 children injured in house fires in the same period – each with hopes, dreams, and a network of people who adored them. While we cannot bring these precious lives back, we can put a stop to the innocent young lives set to be taken, often in preventable circumstances. We’re more than an app. We’re a hub of change.