About Us

About us:

As moms, we all want the best for our children. We want them to be safe and healthy, with plenty of opportunities ahead of them. But when we hear stories about housefires claiming the lives of innocent kids, it’s heartbreaking. It can feel like a punch in the gut – leading us to ask ourselves why this is still happening. How can something so preventable be taking away kids like this? Unfortunately, house fires are one of the leading causes of death amongst children today – but that doesn’t have to stay true forever. With Life Defender Alert, our goal is to provide preparedness tools to ensure parents can take practical steps NOW toward preventing their child from becoming another housefire statistic.

Life Defender Alert is on a mission to make the world of American families and their children safer by providing the latest and most comprehensive fire safety awareness tool available. With hundreds of people in the United States falling victim to house fires each year, something needs to be done. And Life Defender Alert answered the call. Develop with individuals of all ages in mind. This app allows users to schedule fire drills, evacuation points, and other resources to help them prepare and stay safe.
Although tragedies still occur, Life Defender Alert strives to put an end to them one family at a time.

As moms, we all want the best for our children. We want them to be safe and healthy, with plenty of opportunity ahead of them.

Meet the Founder

Founded by Dr. Jessica Respus

Dr Jessica Respus is an inspiring individual whose philanthropic spirit resulted in creating the Life Defender Alert app. offers a solution to prevent needless deaths from house fires. As a former public school teacher, Respus had faced adversity but triumph with her “Failure Is Not an Option” philosophy, going on to own and operate a K-12 school.  She was deeply troubles by the statistics of fire-related fatalities that spurred her to take action.  Her focus and dedication have results in thousands of hours devote to bringing the application to life. Today, millions of American families can make use of this proactive approach to safety.  It is because of her impressive commitment and tenacity that families can now rest assure knowing they have access to a reliable solution for disaster preparedness and safeguarding their lives.

The App is Available
for Download for iOS Users

Life Defender Alert has revolutionised how American families can protect their homes and children from the fire threat. Develop by Dr. Respus, it contains multiple sophisticate safety features to ensure that families are well-prepared for any eventuality. After passing Apple’s stringent requirements, LDA is now available in the iOS store, so those with an iPhone can start protecting their loved ones immediately!

Android users won’t have to wait much longer as LDA is scheduled to go live in the Google Play Store on March 16th, 2023. In this day and age, ensuring our family members’ safety should be everyone’s top priority, and Life Defender Alert ensures they are safe and sound at all times–so why wait? Start planning for fires now with Life Defender Alert!


Equip Your Family to Survive a Fire Emergency

When a fire breaks out at home, every second counts. It’s easy to feel overwhelme by the chaos, but knowing what to do and where to go can make things much more manageable. Make sure that your family is prepare by using this fire safety app. The Life Defender Alert app provides the tools to help your family survive a home fire emergency and potentially evacuate safely.

Don’t wait until it’s too late—
Download the app now!

Invest in your family’s safety today by downloading the Life Defender Alert app. Be proactive in creating an atmosphere of preparedness and protection: with a low monthly subscription fee, you can equip your loved ones with an additional layer of defense. Significantly less expensive than a cup of Starbucks, it may be the best investment you make for your household family members.