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A child safety app with a twist!

We’re bringing invaluable safeguarding provisions to your home. Putting preventative measures, educational resources, and emergency help at your child’s fingertips. Stay on top of emerging risks, one tap at a time.

Monthly Alerts

Ensuring you’re prepared for every eventuality; we’ll send monthly reminders directly to your smartphone. From testing smoke alarms and conducting at-home fire drills, to ensuring your windows offer a reliable escape route, we’ll cover it all.



Real-Time Tracking

Stay connected with real-time tracking. Secure, reliable, and accurate, our tracking feature is designed to locate your child in an emergency. Connecting your device with your child’s app, our stringent security measures ensure only authorized family members can access their location.

Call for Help

With the click of a button, your child can notify you of an emergency. Whether they need to call 911, alert you of a break-in, or let you know that they’re safe, we’re giving your child the tools to effectively manage risks


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