Frequently Asked Question

Q. I’m concerned about my children’s whereabouts. How can I track them?

A: Cultivating a space where threats are thwarted, parental worries are eased, and the safety of children is paramount. We’re on a mission to use the digital age for the greater good. Through an easy-to-navigate app, children, and their parents will have one-click access to the resources they didn’t know they needed – until now.

Q. I’m worried about school shootings. How can you help?

A: As the owner of a school, we understand. We believe that all parents should be able to wave their children off to school worry-free, which is the driving force behind our app. With the use of a ‘help’ button and daily safety facts, your child will have the tools to notice warning signs and call for help within seconds.

Q. I want my child to be prepared for a fire. What do you recommend?

A: While most children undertake fire drills at school, it is crucial to continue this practice at home. With the help of our app, your child will have a six-part defense – monthly fire drills, monthly smoke detector checks, monthly window checks, a help button, a family meeting point, and safety facts to minimize risks.

Q. I’m unsure whether my child is ready for a smartphone. Is it worth the risk?

A: While we encourage you to make the most appropriate choice for your family, we would like to aid informed decision-making. Beyond reminding you to complete monthly checks and drills, our app is designed to be the first port-of-call in the event of an emergency. With the ability to track your child, become notified of an emergency, and provide your child with an efficient way to contact 911, we view our role as your child’s safety net.